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Vision Researchers Receive at Least $230M from ARRA/DOD Funding
NEI Awards 333 ARRA Grants. Click Here for More Information

NAEVR Announces Release of
The Silver Book®: Vision Loss
Volume II

NAEVR Supports World Glaucoma Week

NAEVR Participates in White House Conference on Aging

Serving as Friends of the National Eye Institute

AEVR/NAEVR Fall 2015 Events
September 17: October 1:
  • Lighthouse Guild Congressional Reception-Low Vision Implications of Glaucoma 12 Noon – 1:15 pm, House Rayburn B-340
October 7:

Breaking News

NAEVR Releases Spring/Summer 2015 Contributor Report

NAEVR Commends House For Passing 21st Century Cures Legislation with New Innovation Fund

House of Representatives Approves 21st Century Cures Legislation

NAEVR Commends House and Senate for Making NIH Funding a Priority, Urges Congress to Make It A Reality

House Appropriations Committee Approves FY2016 LHHS Funding Bill with $1.1 Billion NIH Increase

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY2016 LHHS Funding Bill with $2 Billion NIH Increase

Researchers Urge NIH/NEI Funding Increases as House and Senate Mark Up FY2016 NIH Funding Bills

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves 302(b) Subcommittee Allocations

NAEVR Commends House 21st Century Cures Legislation's Authorizing Levels for NIH, New Innovation Fund

House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee Marks Up 21st Century Cures Legislation; Bill Authorizing NIH Funding Increases Goes to Full Committee

NAEVR Joins Fellow Sponsors in Identifying Priorities for the IOM Study Board

Senate Launches NIH Caucus, Vision Research Cited

AEVR Announces Congressional Briefing—Inflammatory Eye Disease: Focus on Uveitis

NEI Premieres Audacious Goals Video at ARVO Annual Meeting

NAEVR Releases Winter/Spring 2015 Contributor Report

House and Senate Pass FY2016 Budget Resolutions; Funding Priorities and Limits Will Guide the Appropriations Process

NAEVR Announces Advocacy and Educational Opportunities at the 2015 ARVO Annual Meeting

NAEVR to Senate: Increase NEI Funding, As Americans Fear Vision Loss, Which is a Growing Public Health Problem

NIH Director Dr. Collins to House: “Least Favorable Environment for Young Investigators”

ARMY Magazine Article Focuses on Military Vision Loss

NAEVR Advocates with BVA for Vision Trauma Research Funding

NAEVR, VSOs/MSOs Request $15 Million for Vision Trauma Research in FY2016 Defense Appropriations

NAEVR On President Obama's Proposed FY2016 Budget: NIH/NEI Increase Encouraging, But Still Does Not Reflect Growth and Biomedical Inflation

President Issues FY2016 Budget Request with NIH and NEI Increases

AEVR Announces March 2015 Congressional Briefings on Glaucoma and Defense-Related Vision Research

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News Items

The National Eye Institute (NEI) within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is responsible for funding sight-saving and sight-restoring vision research. The annual cost for vision disorders/blindness in the United States is $139 billion. Direct medical costs associated with vision disorders are the fifth highest-only less than heart disease, cancers, emotional disorders, and pulmonary conditions. Adequately funding vision research is vital due to the following:
  • NEI’s FY2014 funding of $682 million, which reflects about half of the FY2013 sequester cut being restored, is still less than 0.5 percent of the $145 billion annual cost of vision disorders. The U.S. is only spending $2.10 per-person, per-year for vision research, while the cost of treating low vision and blindness is $6,680 per-person, per-year

  • Vision loss can be a co-morbid condition of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, which is at epidemic levels due to the increased incidence of obesity.

  • In public opinion polls over the past fifty years, Americans have identified fear of vision loss as second only to fear of cancer-and for which they would trade remaining years of life to avoid.


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NAEVR in Action

NAEVR Participates in Project Gemini Exchange Program

AEVR Holds First-Ever Congressional Briefing on Uveitis

NAEVR Joins Fellow Sponsors in Identifying Priorities for the IOM Study Board

TBI Session at 2015 ARVO Annual Meeting Features Researchers and Veterans

NAEVR’s Defense Funding Session at the ARVO Annual Meeting


NAEVR Central at ARVO 2015 the Busiest Ever

ARVO, NAEVR Witness Testifies Regarding NIH/NEI Funding

Private Funding Foundations Advocate for Increased NEI Funding

Usher Syndrome Coalition Educates Congress

DOD-Funded Researcher Studies TBI-Related Photophobia

World Glaucoma Week 2015: Controlling IOP in At-Risk Populations
NAEVR Advocates with BVA for Vision Trauma Research Funding

NAEVR Advocates with BVA for Vision Trauma Research Funding

ARVO’s Request for an NIH/NEI Funding Increase Bolstered by
Young Investigators

World Sight Day 2014 Congressional Briefing Addresses the Impact of Diabetic Eye Disease

AEVR International AMD Awareness Week 2014 Congressional Briefing: Early Detection Can Lead to Better Outcomes


AEVR Releases Attitudinal Survey, Vision and Blindness Fact Sheet

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