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December 22, 2009
NAEVR Thanks Congress for Maintaining the Vision Line Item in FY2010 Defense Appropriations But Expresses Concern About Its Funding Level

December 14, 2009
NAEVR Thanks Congress for $18.5 Million Increase in NEI Funding That, with $26.7 Million ARRA Balance, Yields $45 Million More for Vision Research in FY2010

November 2, 2009
FY2009 Increase of at Least $230 Million in NIH and Defense Vision Funding Emphasizes Research Quality, Public Health Need, and Impact of NAEVR Advocacy

October 21, 2009
Vision Research Means Hope: Celebrating National Medical Research Day

September 1, 2009
AEVR’s Decade of Vision 2010-2020 Initiative Hosts a Congressional Briefing on the ROBO4 Protein Pathway Research During AMD Awareness Week 2009

July 10, 2009
NAEVR Commends Chairman Obey for NIH Funding Markup that Improves on the President's FY2010 Proposal, Begins Process to Rebuild NIH Budget

July 8, 2009
NAEVR Applauds Nomination of Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., as NIH Director, Cites Past Collaborative Research with NEI on Ocular Genetics

July 7, 2009
Senate Passes S. Res. 209 Recognizing the NEI's 40th Anniversary and Designating 2011-2020 as the Decade of Vision

June 16, 2009
House Passes H. Res. 366 Recognizing the NEI's 40th Anniversary and Designating 2010-2020 as the Decade of Vision

June 2, 2009
AEVR Announces a June 17th Congressional Reception Celebrating the NEI's 40th Anniversary

May 22, 2009
NAEVR Urges Senate Appropriators to Increase FY2010 NIH/NEI Funding by At Least Seven Percent

May 7, 2009
NAEVR Expresses Concern Over The Obama Administration's Proposed FY2010 NIH/NEI Funding and Urges Congress to Improve Upon These Numbers

April 7, 2009
NAEVR Cites Latest NEI Research in House Testimony that Urges at least a Seven Percent Increase in FY2010 Funding to $32.4 Billion NIH/$736 Million NEI

April 1, 2009
NAEVR Announces Contact Congress Booth, Defense-Related Vision Briefing at ARVO Annual Meeting 2009

March 23, 2009
DOD Releases Vision Research Portfolio Summary which NAEVR Distributes to All Congressional Defense Appropriators

March 10, 2009
NAEVR Commends President Obama for Reversing Restrictions on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding

March 2, 2009
NAEVR Urges At Least A Seven Percent Increase in FY2010 NIH/NEI Funding to Restore Purchasing Power; NAEVR Requests $736 Million for NEI

February 26, 2009
Veterans Service Organizations Support NAEVR Request for $10 Million in FY2010 Defense-Related Vision Research Funding

February 23, 2009
NAEVR Thanks Congressional Leaders for $10.4 Billion NIH Funding in Economic Stimulus Bill and Commits Support for FY2009 Omnibus Appropriations Bill With $1 Billion NIH Increase

February 18, 2009
AEVR Recognizes Second Annual World Glaucoma Day with March 10 Congressional Briefing

February 17, 2009
As President Obama Signs the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act, NAEVR Praises Congressional and Biomedical Research Champions

January 27, 2009
As With House Version, NAEVR Praises the Senate's American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan as An Important Initial Step in Rebuilding the NIH Biomedical Research Enterprise

January 15, 2009
NAEVR Praises $3.9 billion NIH Funding in House Economic Stimulus Bill

January 14, 2009
NAEVR Urges President-Elect Obama to Include $10 Billion in Economic Stimulus to Restore NIH Purchasing Power and Lead to NIH Budget Doubling

January 14, 2009
DOD Announces FY2008 PRMRP Awards for Clinical and Translational Vision Research


December 18, 2008
NAEVR And AEVR Announce Capitol Hill Events for the 111th Congress As it Convenes in Early 2009

November 19, 2008
NAEVR Commends Senate Leaders for Proposing $1 Billion NIH Increase in Economic Stimulus that Recognizes the Short- and Long-Term Value of Investment in Medical Research

October 1, 2008
In FY2009 Defense Appropriations, Peer Reviewed Vision Research is Listed for First Time as a Separate Line Item Funded at $4 million

October 1, 2008
Despite Initial FY2008 Flat Funding of NIH, NEI Funding for Vision Research Increases by $6.5 Million over FY2007, But Still Does Not Keep Pace with Inflation

September 9, 2008
NAEVR Commends NIH Director Dr. Elias Zerhouni's House Testimony Urging Predictable and Sustained NIH Funding, Especially to Train and Retain New Investigators and Clinician-Scientists

August 20, 2008
AEVR'S September 16 Capitol Hill Briefing on the Translation of the AMD Gene Discovery Concurrent with Anticipated Congressional Action on Research Funding

August 20, 2008
AEVR Co-Sponsors September 9 Capitol Hill Briefing on Diabetes and Vision Loss

June 6, 2008
AEVR and FFB Announce a June 24 Congressional Briefing on Initital Results of Human Gene Therapy Trials for LCA

May 29, 2008
AEVR/NAEVR Announce Speakers for the June 9 15th Anniversary Congressional Reception Featuring Release of Vision and Blindness Fact Sheet with Research!America

May 28, 2008
NAEVR Joins the Vision Community in Requesting Vision Objectives in Healthy People 2020

April 28, 2008
As NAEVR Submits Senate Testimony Regarding FY2009 NIH/NEI Funding, Researchers Report Initial Results of Human Gene Therapy Trials Cited as an Example of NEI's Public/Private Collaborations

March 26, 2008
NAEVR'S House Testimony Requests FY2009 NIH and NEI Funding at $31 Billion and $711 Million, Respectively, Citing Latest NEI Research and Collaborations

March 4, 2008
NAEVR Posts World Glaucoma Day Web Page, Announces Plans to Educate/Advocate on Capitol Hill on March 6 About Glaucoma Incidence and Need for Increased NEI Research Funding

February 20, 2008
NAEVR Supports Major Events in March 2008 to Expand Glaucoma Awareness and Educate About the Impact of NEI-Funded Research into the Disease

February 14, 2008
The Independent Budget for VA Funding Recommends Eye and Vision Eligibilty in the FY2009 DOD/PRMRP Program, Urges VA-DOD Eye Trauma Funding

February 4, 2008
NAEVR Expresses Concern About President's FY2009 Budget Proposal and Announces Funding Request of $31 Billion for NIH, $711 for the NEI

February 4, 2008
AEVR Holds Visual Imaging Briefing Featuring Real-Time Analyis of the Retina Using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

January 25, 2008
NAEVR Requests That Eye and Vision Research Remain Eligibile for Funding Within the FY2009 DOD Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program


December 20, 2007
Flat Funding for NEI Threatens Vision Research and Vision Health

November 7, 2007
NAEVR Commends House and Senate Conferees for Continued Eligibility of Eye and Vision Research for DOD Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Funding

November 1, 2007
NAEVR Commends House and Senate Conferees for an FY2008 LHHS Agreement to Fund NIH at $30 Billion, NEI at $684 Million

October 17, 2007
NAEVR and AEVR Join Vision Community in Highlighting Impact of Combat-Related Eye Injuries and Rare Eye Diseases at Congressional Briefings

September 25, 2007
New Resource Highlights the Burden of Age-Related Eye Disease and Underscores the Value of Innovation

September 17, 2007
NAEVR Supports House Legislation Directing DOD and VA to Coordinate on Accounting for Combat-Related Eye Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury Research

September 12, 2007
U.S. Census Data on Working Seniors Demonstrates the Importance of Vision Health; NAEVR Educates Hill on Impact of Aging Eye Disease and Vision Research Funding

August 30, 2007
NAEVR And Alliance for Aging Research to Release First-Ever The Silver Book: Vision Loss in Capitol Hilll Event During Worldwide AMD Awareness Week 2007

July 2, 2007
NAEVR Characterizes NEI-Funded Children’s Vision Research in Terms of Overall NIH Goals

June 29, 2007
NAEVR Communicates Value of NEI Research to Congressional Appropriators, Cites Study on Protective Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Retinal Disease

June 25, 2007
NAEVR Cites NEI-Funded Research on Preventative Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Retinal Disease as Dramatic Example of Need for Increased FY2008 NIH Funding

June 22, 2007
NAEVR Commends Senate Efforts to Increase NIH/NEI Funding and Cites June 22 Testimony by NEI Director Dr. Sieving on Vision Public Health Challenges

June 8, 2007
NAEVR Recognizes House Efforts to Increase NIH/NEI Funding But Urges Further Improvement in the FY2008 Appropriations Process

June 8, 2007
NAEVR Commends The House for Passing S. 5 The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act; Urges President Bush Not to Veto

May 2, 2007
NAEVR Acknowledges FDA Commissioner Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach's Comments on AMD, Need for Regulatory Mechanisms to Adapt to Scientific Research

April 18, 2007
NAEVR Challenges the Vision Community to Quantify the Value of Vision Research as PBA Releases a New Study on the Costs of Age-Related Eye Disease

April 11, 2007
NAEVR Commends The Senate for Passing S 5, The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act

March 27, 2007
Vision Researchers Urge FY2008 NIH and NEI Funding Increase in House Testimony

March 20, 2007
AEVR Holds A Congressional Briefing on Visual Imaging to Save and Restore Sight

March 19, 2007
NAEVR Urges Congress to Increase FY2008 NIH and NEI Funding 6.7 Percent in Written Comments Filed with the House and Senate

March 13, 2007
NAEVR Requests that Eye and Vision Research Remain Eligible for FY2008 DOD Funding

February 14, 2007
NAEVR Commends Congress for Passing FY2007 Joint Resolution to Increase NIH Funding

February 5, 2007
NAEVR Expresses Concern about President's FY2008 Budget Proposal and Announces NIH/NEI Funding Request

January 11, 2007
NAEVR Commends The House for Passing HR 3, The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act

January 9, 2006
NAEVR Welcomes 110th Congress with Reception Co-Hosted by Key House Leaders and Featuring Vision Researcher


December 11, 2006
NAEVR Commends Congress for Passing the National Institutes of Health Reform Act of 2006 Authorizing Higher Funding Levels for Research

December 1, 2006
Vision Community Observes NEI/FDA Clinical Trial Design and Endpoints Symposium

September 27, 2006
NAEVR Commends The House For Its Strong Bipartisan Vote For The National Institutes of Health Reform Act of 2005

September 22, 2006
NAEVR Endorses the National Insititutes of Health Reform Act of 2006

September 19, 2006
Congressional Briefing Emphasizes Impact of Collaboration in Diabetic Retinopathy Research

August 22, 2006
Clinician/Researcher To Educate Capitol Hill About Latest Diabetic Retinopathy Research

July 21, 2006
NAEVR Commends Senate Appropriators for the FY 2007 LHHS Spending Bill's Increases for the NIH and NEI

July 18, 2006
NAEVR Commends Senate for Passing HR 810, The Stem Cell Enhancement Act, and Urges The President Not to Issue A Veto

July 12, 2006
Vision Research Community Urges Senators to Pass HR 810, The Stem Cell Enhancement Act; NAEVR Commends Senate Leadership for Scheduling a July 18 Vote

May 22, 2006
NAEVR Requests FY2007 Funding for Defense-related Eye and Vision Research

May 19, 2006
Vision Researcher Testifies at Senate Hearing on Missed Opportunities in Vision Research

May 18, 2006
NAEVR Commends Moderate Republicans for Ensuring that the House Budget Resolution Includes an Additional $7.16 Billion for Health/Education Programs

April 6, 2006
NAEVR Requests Increased NIH/NEI Funding by House LHHS Appropriations Subcommittee

March 27, 2006
NAEVR Urges House Budget Committee Chair Nussle to Adopt Specter/Harkin Amendment in Budget Resolution

March 17, 2006
NAEVR Commends Senate For Passing the Specter/Harkin Amendement to Add $7 Billion to Its Budget Resolution

February 17, 2006
Vision Researchers Update Congressional Staff about Important Advances in Understanding and Treating Chronic Dry Eye

February 03, 2006
AEVR and The Women's Eye Health Task Force Present A Congressional Briefing on Chronic Dry Eye

January 06, 2006
FY2006 Defense Appropriations Bill Makes Eye and Vision Research Eligible For Funding in the $50 Million Congressionally-Directed Medical Research Program


December 07, 2005
Vision Researcher Dr. Neil Bressler Educates Congressional Staff About Current Research into Care for Diabetic Retinopathy

November 04, 2005
NAEVR Among First to Urge LHHS Appropriations Conferees to Adopt the Senate-recommended FY 2006 NIH Funding Level of $29.4 billion

October 28, 2005
Vision Researchers First to Thank Senate for Passing FY2006 LHHS Appropriations Bill That Includes $29.4 Billion for NIH/$694 Million for the NEI

September 22, 2005
NEI-Funded Researcher Educates Congress About Gene Strongly Associated with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

September 19, 2005
NAEVR Issues Inaugural Edition of E-Zine to Educate Capitol Hill About NEI-Funded Vision Research

September 2, 2005
Noted Researcher to Speak on Discovery of Genetic Basis of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

August 30, 2005
NAEVR'S James Jorkasky Named an At-Large Delegate to 2005 White House Conference on Aging

August 3, 2005
NAEVR Commends Senator Frist for Leadership in Supporting Embryonic Stem Cell Research

July 18, 2005
NAEVR Commends Senate LHHS Appropriators for Billion Dollar Increase in FY2006 NIH Funding

April 21, 2005
NEI-Funded Research Develops Improved Detection Techniques to Diagnose Glaucoma, Which Disproportionately Affects African Americans

April 21, 2005
NAEVR President Dr. Stephen Ryan Testifies Before Congress During Week of Uprecedented Congressional Exposure to Eye and Vision Research

April 14, 2005
ARVO President Dr. Gary Abrams Requests Increased FY2006 Funding for the National Eye Institute at House "Public Witness" Hearing

April 6, 2005
NAEVR Urges the Senate LHHS Appropriations Subcommittee to Fund NEI at $711 Million in FY2006; Make Vision Health a "Top Priority"

March 28, 2005
Noted Glaucoma Specialist to Speak at April 20 AEVR Briefing on Glaucoma Detection and Treatment

March 9, 2005
NAEVR Urges the House LHHS Appropriations Subcommittee to Fund NEI at $711 Million in FY2006; Make Vision Health a "Top Priority"

February 22, 2005
NAEVR Requests FY2006 NEI Funding at $711 Million, Cites NEI Research Accomplishments

January 26, 2005
Senator Jim Jeffords and Dr. Neil Bressler Present Patient Perspectives on Vision in a Capitol Hill Event to Release a New Vision and Blindness Fact Sheet

January 5, 2005
NAEVR and Research!America to Release New Vision and Blindness Fact Sheet at Capitol Hill Reception on January 25, 2005


November 22, 2004
As Congress Passes FY2005 Spending Bill, NAEVR Commends Appropriations Leadership for Increases in Medical Research/Eye and Vision Research Funding

September 15, 2004
NAEVR Commends Senate Appropriations Committee for Approving an FY2005 LHHS Spending Bill with Increased Funding for Medical Research

September 10, 2004
Increased Incidence of Visual Impairment in Latinos Significantly Affects Eye Disease Burden Says Researcher at Capitol Hill Vision Health Disparities Briefing

August 18, 2004
Noted Glaucoma Specialist to Speak at September 8 AEVR Briefing on "Vision Health Disparities Research"

August 10, 2004
Principal Investigator of Latino Eye Health Study to Speak at September 8 AEVR Briefing on "Vision Health Disparities Research"

July 8, 2004
NAEVR Releases New Fact Sheet on the Incidence of Age-Related Eye Disease to Support Increased NEI Funding in FY2005

June 18, 2004
Streaming Video of AEVR-Sponsored "Aging Eye" Capitol Hill Briefing Now Playing on Web Site

June 15, 2004
NEI Reports on the Impact of Reducing Elevated Intraocular Pressure on the Incidence of Glaucoma in African Americans

May 14, 2004
Age-Related Vision Loss a Major Public Health Problem Says the National Eye Institute in Capitol Hill Briefing

April 21, 2004
NAEVR Urges House LHHS Appropriations Subcommittee to Fund NEI at $711 Million in FY2005; Cites New Data on Age-Related Eye Disease

April 12, 2004
NAEVR Cites New Data On Age-Related Eye Disease as Support for Funding NEI at $711 Million in FY2005

April 1, 2004
AEVR Announces May 13 Capitol Hill Briefing on "The Aging Eye" During Healthy Vision Month/Older Americans Month

April 1, 2004
NAEVR Urges Senate LHHS Appropriations Subcommittee to Fund NIH at $30 Billion, NEI at $71 Million in FY2005

February 13, 2004
NAEVR Calls for $711 Million Funding for the NEI in FY2005


September 23, 2003
World-Renowned Ophthalmologists Educate Capitol Hill Staff About the Importance of Eye and Vision Research

September 9, 2003
AEVR Announces September 23 Congressional Briefing: Developments in Lasik and Corneal Healing

August 14, 2003
National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research (NAEVR) Names New Executive Director