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FY2013 Vision Research Program Abstracts

The FY2013 Vision Research Program had two funding mechanisms, the Translational Research Award (up to $1 M per grant) and the Hypothesis Development Award (up to $250K per grant).

Translational Research Award

Dr. James Akula, Visual and Retinal Correlates of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Biology and Behavior

Dr. Lu Chen, Novel Strategy to Combat Corneal Injury at Early and Late Stages and to Promote Transplant Survival

Dr. Douglas Dean, Vision Restoration with Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Following Traumatic Injury

Dr. Ali Djalilian, Clinical Translation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Corneal and Ocular Surface Injuries

Dr. Jon Froehlich, HandSight: Supporting Everyday Activities through Touch-Vision

Dr. Samuel Fulcher, Inflammation Modulatory Protein TSG-6 for Chemical Injuries to the Cornea

Dr. James Funderburgh, Early Intervention Stem Cell-Based Therapy (EISCBT) for Corneal Burns and Trauma

Dr. Vijay Gorantla, Novel Strategies for Optic Neuroregeneration and Retinal Projection Reintegration After Ocular Trauma

Dr. Katherine Hajjar, Annexin A2 in Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy

Dr. Jeffrey Mumm, Discovery of FDA-Approved Drugs that Promote Retinal Cell Survival or Regeneration

Dr. Andrew Pieper, Prevention and Treatment of TBI-Mediated Visual and Brain Damage Using a Novel Protective Compound

Dr. Morgana Trexler, EMERGE: Engineered Materials that Create Environments for Regeneration via Electric Field

Dr. Derek Welsbie, Targeting Dual Leucine Zipper Kinase as a Therapeutic Strategy for Traumatic Optic Neuropathy and Brain Injury

Hypothesis Development Award

Dr. Joseph Brzezinski, Programming Retinal Stem Cells into Cone Photoreceptors

Dr. Shaochen Chen, Layer-by-Layer Bioprinting of Stem Cells for Retinal Tissue Regeneration

Dr. James Demar, Elucidation of Inflammation Processes Exacerbating Neuronal Cell Damage to the Retina and Brain Visual Centers as Quest for Therapeutic Drug Targets in Rat Model of Blast Overpressure Wave Exposure

Dr. William Jia, Smart, Injury-Triggered Therapy for Ocular Trauma

Dr. Lora Likova, Mechanisms of Photophobia in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Human Subjects: Therapeutic Implications

Dr. Alfredo Martinez, Hypothermia in the Treatment of Retinal Injury

Dr. Cheryl Olman, Frontoparietal Priority Maps as Biomarkers for mTBI

Dr. Kia Washington, Improving Viability and Functional Outcome After Whole Eye Transplantation

Dr. Stephen Wong, Mobile, Multimodal, Label-Free Imaging Probe Analysis of Choroidal Oximetry and Retinal Hypoxia